3DS Android Emulator

How do we get a 3DS android emulator? Here we will show you the small and simple process so you can turn your Android phone (even if it is the lowest range) into a terminal capable of playing any Nintendo 3DS game.

Download 3ds Android emulator

Emulators are small programs that allow us to run the games of certain consoles, without the need to have that console in question. And what better way to play our favorite games than on our Android device?

There is a multitude of emulators for the Nintendo 3DS on Android, some have certain advantages and others with others, so we are faced with the first decision which 3ds emulator for Android we choose and how to download it. Undoubtedly there is a predominant option and that we recommend to all those who seek first of all simplicity and speed. Possibly the best Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android is Citra.

How to download 3ds Android emulator?

Download 3DS Android emulator is one of the biggest headaches we have when dealing with this situation. The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best portable consoles that has been released to date, and in it we have some of the best classics in terms of portable console games, Pokemon XY, Super Smash Bro and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time are some of the most laureate titles of this console.

In this link you can directly access the Citra download and install step by step:

How to install 3ds Android emulator ?

When you download our Nintendo 3DS emulator through our website, you will have all the installation instructions on the page where you make the download.

In case you download it through Google Play, the installation is done at the same time as the download. With just 1 click we will execute the download and once downloaded with another simple click on the Install button, we will leave it installed on our device and ready to use. Of course, keep in mind that it will be a trial version of the emulator, there is no full version available on Google Play. The next step will be to get the games for our 3DS Emulator on Android.

android 3ds emulator

Other Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android

Nds4Droid Emulator for Android

The Nds4Droid emulator is one of the oldest emulators of all those that exist on this platform. Despite being one of the oldest, it has had many updates and is still one of the most efficient in performance. The ability to store games, load states and skip frames are some of the differential features offered by this emulator. A good point in favor of Nds4Droid is that besides being able to access it from the link below, you can download it from the official Google Play application.

Download Nds4Droid emulator for Android. 

DraStic DS Emulator Emulator

So far the emulators that we had discussed were free of charge, however DraStic DS Emulator is a paid app, however its cost compared to its features is simply ridiculous because its price is 4.99€ in a single payment format. But what advantages do we have for paying these 4,99€? Well for starters we have the possibility to access absolutely all Nintendo 3DS games, we can also configure manually or automatically the controls and even configure it to play with a Gamepad, in the graphic section with DraStic DS Emulator we will have undoubtedly the best graphical experience of all emulators on the market. Therefore, if what we want is to start playing our Nintendo 3DS games on our Android device, in the fastest way, with the best visual features and the greatest customization options DraStic DS is the best possible choice.

Download DraStic DS Emulator emulator for Android