3DS Emulator for Mac

One of the big problems of Mac computers is their compatibility with certain programs, there are many softwares that only exist for Windows, and emulators are no exception. In this case, there are not many 3DS emulators that we can use efficiently on a computer with the Apple operating system, however, there is one that stands out above the rest, it works perfectly and is able to play most games without any problem. Below we will show you how to download it step by step and how to install it on your Mac, as well as show you the necessary requirements to be able to use it at the highest level.

Download 3DS emulator for Mac

The 3DS emulator for Mac that we have chosen is Citra, without a doubt it is as we said previously the best emulator that we can have in our Apple computer, since it works perfectly, its requirements are very undemanding so even if we have a fairly old computer we can run it with almost total security, and if that were not enough it is used by many users who have already confirmed its good performance in different games or ROMs.

To download the emulator on our Mac computer we must click on the following link from our Mac device:

Normally it will detect whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, and will run the corresponding download, if not we can manually choose the operating system we want from the option that appears manual download (manual download).

There is the possibility that our computer asks for permission to download, or warns us that it may be malicious content, you can download it on your computer anyway, we have checked its viability on all devices and it is a 100% safe program.

Once downloaded we will go to the instructions on how to install the 3ds emulator on Mac.

Install 3DS emulator for MAC

To install 3DS emulator for Mac, as we said previously we will start by running the file that we have downloaded from the link above.

By doing so, it will open the installation wizard which will make us even easier all this process which we proceed to detail:

It will welcome us to the installation, and we will proceed to click on the next button.

In this screen, we will select the folder where we want to install it.

In the next window, we will be able to choose which  add-ons to install.

Later, we will accept the conditions of use of this program.

Next, we will choose the desired shortcuts.

Finally, click on the Install button.

We will wait for the process to finish, and we will click on finish. Once this is done we will have our emulator 100% available for use on our Mac.

Other Nintendo 3DS emulators for Mac

Pretendo NDS Emulator for Mac

In addition to the Citra emulator, on Mac we have several Nintendo 3DS emulators, one of the best we can count on is the Pretendo NDS emulator. One of the best features that Pretendo NDS emulator has is the ability to run .rar .rom and .dsor files. Another of the differential factors that Pretendo NDS has is that it allows you to save immediately the progress of the game you are running, besides we also have the possibility to increase the speed of the game, remove the music or touch up the graphics of the game.

Download Pretendo NDS Emulator for Mac

RetroArch emulator for Mac

RetroArch for Mac is a great alternative to the emulator giant Citra. In addition to allowing us to play Nintendo 3DS games on your computer, we also have the possibility of using media players. As for the graphical interface, we are talking about one of the most beautiful and pleasing to the eye emulators in terms of its menus and interface. Another great advantage is that in addition to being able to use it on Mac, this emulator also works on Windows and Linux, so if we change computers we will not have to look for a different device. Undoubtedly, the great revolution of this emulator has been to adapt to the world of youtube videos and streaming, allowing us to integrate with platforms like Youtube or Twitch.

Download RetroArch Emulator for Mac