Download Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM for 3DS Emulator

Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM is the new installment of one of the best rated Nintendo sagas in this case for Nintendo 3DS, a 3D Shooter game. We can play this great game without having the Nintendo 3DS console, since through a 3DS Emulator we will be able to play on other platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and PC games of the Nintendo 3DS. The other thing we will need will be the ROM of the game we want to play, in this case Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM. There are many emulators, however, we recommend the use of Citra Emulator, as its simplicity, reliability, and above all its compatibility with almost all game ROMs make it the best option to choose. Here are some key aspects of Kid Icarus: Uprising:

  • It is adapted to both fans of the saga, and new players.
  • Great depth in terms of an interesting plot.
  • Infinity of weapons and objects that we can go collecting.
  • Three main weapons that we will be able to choose and they will define our style of combat:
    • Basic claws.
    • Basic swords.
    • Basic Orbitar.

Download Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM for CitraKid Icarus Uprising

To download Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM for 3DS Emulator we will have to do the following:

  1. Execute the download from the link provided below: Link.
  2. Accept the permissions of the operating system to run the download.
  3. Allow our operating system to finish the download.
  4. Go to the folder where we have made the download and continue with the steps explained below.

Install Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM

To install Kid Icarus: Uprising ROM in our 3DS Emulator we will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Obviously the first step will be to download and install your 3DS Emulator.
  2. Once this is done you will have to run the ROM (game) download from the link that we left previously in the Download section.
  3. Subsequently, we will look inside the folder where we have located the emulator a folder whose name is “Games”.
  4. We will open the “Games” folder.
  5. We locate our game inside that folder.
  6. We access to our 3DS Emulator and it will appear as an available game.
  7. We can repeat this with as many games as we want. We will place all of them in the same “Games” folder.