Download and Install FREE NDS4Droid 3DS Emulator for Android

There are many Nintendo 3DS emulators for all available platforms, Android, PC, Mac OS, iOS… However depending on the platform we choose some work better than others. In this case for Android NDS4Droid is one of the best emulators available.

The Nds4Droid emulator is one of the oldest emulators of all those that exist on this platform. Despite being one of the oldest, it has had many updates and is still one of the most efficient in performance.

Download NDS4Droid 3DS Emulator for Android for free.

In case you want to play Nintendo 3DS ROMs on your mobile device, you will have to download NDS4Droid for Android as follows:

  1. The first step will be to run the download, for this we will have to access the following link.
  2. Download NDS4Droid APK for Android.
  3. Grant permissions to Android to perform this download of unknown origin in case it asks you to do so.
  4. Wait for the NDS4Droid APK download to finish.
  5. Locate in the download folder the file nds4droid-47, it is in APK format.nds4droid
  6. Follow the installation instructions in the next section.

Install Nds4Droid Emulator on Android

To install the Nds4Droid Emulator on our Android device we will have to:

  1. Run the file named nds4droid-47. apk.
  2. Follow the installation instructions in the pop-up window that opens.
  3. Remember to accept the terms and conditions of use.
  4. Remember to select the desired language.
  5. We advance through the different sections of the installation process.
  6. We wait for the installation to finish.
  7. Once this is finished, we look for the Nds4Droid icon on our Android desktop.
  8. We enjoy our fantastic emulator.

Requirements 3DS Emulator Nds4Droid on Android

  • Android 2.3.3 or higher.
  • Dual core processor.

NDS4Droid Emulator on Google Play

Another way you have to download and install your Nds4Droid Emulator is a non-final advance version of the application found on Google Play, which will facilitate the download and installation, however we recommend using the version that we indicate in the download section.

Games and ROMs for NDS4Droid

To play your Nintendo 3DS games on your Android device where you have installed NDS4Droid we will also have to download these games, also known as ROMs, which is the name given to a game format to run on an Emulator. In our ROMs section you can find any game you are looking for your emulator, download and installation instructions.