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Many of you may wonder what is a 3DS Android emulator, and what is it for? There are more and more consoles from different companies with which we can entertain ourselves and enjoy our favorite games. There are those who love the newest titles that have been released on the market, looking for the latest graphics, never seen before gameplay… Others, however, prefer the classics of a lifetime, those games that never go out of fashion. But how do we play PS5 games if we don’t have it in our hands yet, or how do we remember Game Cube classics if we can’t get our hands on this old console glory? Hence the concept of Emulators was born.

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Best Games for 3DS Emulator

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Another great reason why there are so many emulators for different platforms and why they are so successful is the exclusivity of certain games, i.e. there are some games, more and more unfortunately, that are only released on certain platforms, if we do not have that console in question we will not be able to enjoy that game unless we have an emulator that allows us to adapt it to our console. The most common emulators are: PC emulators, Mac emulators and Android emulators. 

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